Welcome to HealthMaP

HealthMaP Diagnostics Private Limited (www.healthmapdiagnostics.com) is a Special Purposes Company set up as a joint venture between Manipal Health Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (www.manipalhospitals.com) and Philips India Limited (www.philips.com), which are leaders in their respective fields.


The primary focus of HDPL is to identify, validate, participate, win and implement a selected few of the large Public Private Partnership (PPP) opportunities in the Healthcare Domain in the country. This PPP model of Healthcare service delivery closely follows the highly successful E-Governance initiatives of the Government of India over the last 10 years. This is now becoming the defacto standard for Healthcare Service Delivery in the various States of the country.



CT Scan

• Fastest Scanner in Industry
• Best Resolution for Cardiac Resolution
• Outstanding Contrast Resolution
• Low Dose per Patient with iDOSE4 (Patented)

MRI Centre

• Most homogenous magnet with shortest bore for patient comfort.
• Highest Gradient Linearity for Best Imaging.
• Flex stream inside for fastest imaging
• Light weight coils, MSK8 and Body coil advantage.


• 15’’ high-resolution wide-angle view LCD display
• Freehand 3D imaging
• Colour power Angio (CPA) and anatomical M-mode imaging
• Triplex mode for simultaneous 2D, color and Doppler, or CPA imaging
• Outstanding B-mode imaging

X-Ray & ECG Centre

• Digital Display of KVP, FmA and mAs
• Spot filming at all mA Stations
• Electronic Overload
• Single/Double tube combinations with / without image intensifier


HealthMap celebrated its 1st anniversary on 22nd of August at Rohtak.


Journey so far

HealthMap was established in 2015 when India’s two renowned leaders in healthcare sector, Manipal Hospitals and Philips, came together to start this joint venture with the vision of last mile delivery of world class radiology services using cutting edge technology at very affordable rates. HealthMap aspires to provide best of clinical services under partnership with state and central govt. In the short span of one and half years we have opened 8 radiology centres in Haryana and are in the process of starting 25 centres in Jharkhand.


At HealthMap we offer quality and superior value diagnostic services. Our logo is a combination of Red and Blue colour which are representatives of energy and serenity respectively. Concentrated circles projects the image of our scanners, representing our high quality clinical services, which are done through trained clinicians. Human figure represents care and compassion for our patients.